Which Cars Cost the Least To Insure?

As you are shopping for a new vehicle, think about insurance costs as well as sticker price. Planning a purchase of a vehicle with overall lower insurance costs will not only save you the first year you own your new car; it is the type of savings that accumulates year after year.

Here is a list, according to Forbes Magazine, of the ten least-expensive cars to insure in 2011: (You can also visit our other blog post, Which Cars Cost Most to Insure?, to see the other end of the spectrum.)

  1. Chrysler Town & Country LX. At a mere $1,091.80 per year, this family-friendly minivan is the least expensive on the Forbes list. With its luxurious attention to detail and great looks, it is no wonder that the Town & Country is an all-around favorite with families.
  2. Toyota Sienna. The second-place spot is also held by a minivan, although the Sienna probably owes its low insurance cost to the fact that it only has a four-cylinder engine, rather than the standard six. Annual average cost to insure: $1,100.66.
  3. Toyota Sienna LE. Another model of the Sienna is also listed on the Forbes list; the LE version five-door wagon costs slightly more to insure at $1,107.70.
  4. Honda Odyssey LX. Yet another minivan, this time the Honda Odyssey, shows that these family-friendly vehicles dominate the top of the Forbes “cheapest to insure” list. This six- cylinder costs an average of $1,114.62 to insure per year.
  5. Nissan Murano SL. If you are looking for a comfortable crossover, Forbes lists the Nissan Murano as one of the cheapest to insure. With four doors and two-wheel drive, this crossover costs a mere $1,127.89 to insure.
  6. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport. Surprise! This off-roader is actually very reasonable to insure, as the $1,131.27 average yearly cost proves. You will not find many four-wheel drive vehicles on this list, but Jeep makes the grade with the Wrangler.
  7. Honda Odyssey EX. The reason for the $1,138.16 price to insure this vehicle as opposed to the LX model is more features and a higher replacement cost. Basically, you are not going to see a huge difference in any of the Odysseys in terms of insurance cost; all are low-priced to insure.
  8. Toyota Sienna six-cylinder. Like its smaller and less powerful relative, the LE, the Sienna six- cylinder is reasonable to insure, but offers a good bit more power on the go. Yearly cost average is $1,142.94.
  9. Ford Escape XLS. Another four-wheel drive which made the list is the Ford Escape. Sporty and fun, but reasonably sticker-priced, this has become a very popular vehicle in its various incarnations (the Mazda Tribute was an identical car, as well). Yearly cost to insure is $1,150.26.
  10. Toyota Highlander. In its two-wheel drive and four-cylinder version, this sweet little SUV is one of the cheapest SUVs to insure, with a yearly average cost of $1,154.02. Six-cylinder or four-wheel drive models will cost more.

Of course, insurance costs are not the only thing you should consider when purchasing a car. If a car costs you $10,000 more than another, comparable model, you would have to save a lot on your year insurance to recover the difference! On the other hand, it does not hurt to limit your shopping to models which you know will remain relatively inexpensive to insure, so that you continue to save for years to come.