How Much Is Car Insurance In Nevada?

Saturday, April 7th, 2012
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Nevada is not a very populous state but it has a very diverse population. Las Vegas sees millions of visitors every year, and many of these visitors rent cars to be able to enjoy the Vegas experience completely. Other areas of the state are sparsely populated but may experience relatively high levels of accidents due to the conditions of the terrain.

Nevada car insurance averages $1,609.22, a figure which is derived from what everyone in the state pays for the wide variety of vehicles insured in Nevada. However, this average represents a wide range of prices in individual areas.

For example, Las Vegas has average premiums of $2,027.62 and Reno residents average only $1,449.24. Generally speaking, any residents close to Las Vegas will pay more in car insurance than residents of other parts of the state.

Illustrating this point are premiums from various “smaller” cities in Nevada: $1,549 per year for residents of Carson City, Sparks at $1,566 per year, and Reno at $1,449. However, North Las Vegas averages $2,182, Henderson averages $1,904 per year, and Las Vegas is $2,077.

Premiums are higher in Las Vegas and its suburbs because of much higher population density and many non-native drivers. Accidents are a frequent reality in Las Vegas, so those residents pay more for insurance.

When you buy your automobile insurance may also have an impact on how much you pay in premiums. In Nevada, the lowest premium averages are in May at $1,432, August at $1,448, and December at $1,482. The most expensive months to buy insurance are April at $1,600, July at $1,584, and March at $1,610. It is clear that months when people are less likely to travel such as May and December and the end of the summer season in August are good times to buy insurance.

However, April, July, and March are all months in which there are many tourists traveling, so buying during these months means paying higher premiums.

Nevada is a tort liability state with minimum coverage requirements of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage and $10,000 in property damage liability. This is the minimum amount of insurance any resident can carry in order to register and operate a vehicle on Nevada roads.

Of course, many drivers choose to take out much more than this minimum amount of liability coverage, which is not a particularly large amount. In a vehicle accident in which you are at fault and there is one driver in the other car, your liability limits could quickly be exhausted if the victim needs any type of ongoing medical treatment.

Many Nevada drivers also want comprehensive and collision coverage on their vehicles. Comprehensive coverage pays for damages if your car is stolen or damaged in something other than an accident. Collision coverage pays for damages if you wreck your car; your liability will not pay for these repairs.

You can find great automobile insurance coverage at a great price in Nevada by entering your information above, beginning with your ZIP code.

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