Car Insurance Quotes Comparison

Have you tried comparing prices for your auto insurance lately? If not, you may be in for a pleasant surprise when you find out how much cheaper you might be able to get your coverage.

Most of us tend to use the same companies and products which have always worked for us. If we have been with the same automobile insurance company for years, we may not realize that another company might be able to give us better coverage at a lower cost.

Of course, this is not always the case. This is why it is a good idea to compare what you are currently paying for car insurance with other company’s quotes at least every two years. As circumstances in your life change, a different company may be able to better meet your needs than your current insurer.

You can easily compare quotes for your particular insurance needs on our website by filling out an online quote request. You will receive quotes from several companies which you can easily compare to your current costs.

The truth is that no one company is “cheapest,” and no one company is right for everyone. For someone who is a middle-aged, careful driver who has not had a speeding ticket or a claim in years, most companies will offer him the very lowest rates available. However, if this driver lives in a large city, he will still pay more than his brother with an identical record pays in a small town. Similarly, a young driver who has a DUI can expect to pay more for car insurance than others her age; however, the company she chooses will have a great impact on exactly how much her premiums are.

Generally speaking, then, you can expect to pay more if you are a young driver, if you have points on your license from speeding or other violations, if you have an accident, or if you live in a congested area such as a large city. However, within this range of prices, it is also very possible to find premiums as much as several hundred dollars lower than those of other companies simply by doing some intelligent searching.

Begin by educating yourself on what you are currently paying. Examine your “dec sheet,” the declarations page of your current auto insurance policy. This will tell you exactly what coverage you currently have, how much you are paying for it, and your deductibles. Take some time to consider if what you have is really necessary, or if you need alternate coverage you do not have.

For example, if you got “full coverage” on your vehicle when you bought it, but it is now ten years old and worth less than $2,000, you might decide that collision coverage simply is not worth the price. On the other hand, if you purchase a new car, you might find gap coverage a useful investment while your car is financed.

Once you have determined what coverage you want, you should get quotes from several companies – including your current company. If you have received lower quotes from others, it pays to show them to your current insurer. Sometimes, in order to keep your business, companies will lower rates or give you further discounts.

Saving money on your car insurance takes a little work, but it is well worth it if you can save hundreds of dollars per year!