Which Cars were Stolen Most in 2011?

Is your car an auto thief’s dream? Unfortunately, auto theft is a grim reality in our society. Every year, thousands of cars are stolen, many of which are never recovered. Thieves use a variety of tactics to steal cars, including towing them away with tow trucks from mall parking lots! It does not pay to underestimate just how resourceful car thieves can be when they are looking for “chop shop” material.

One way to minimize your risk of having your car stolen is to drive a car which is not as attractive to car thieves. While you should be able to drive any type of car you like, it is a sad fact that some cars are stolen far more often that others due to their resale value or other attractive features.

Here is a list of the top ten cars stolen in 2011. Before purchasing one of these vehicles, it makes sense to think about anti-theft measures which will make your new car less of a target – or even choosing a different model altogether.

  1. Cadillac Escalade. Cadillac’s premier luxury SUV is the most-often stolen car in the nation. Because of high initial cost and high insurance cost, these cars are expensive to purchase and maintain. Thieves love them because they symbolize wealth, and will often go to great lengths to secure this model.
  2. Ford F-250 Four-Wheel Drive. Surprisingly, one of the most common trucks on the road is one of the most-often stolen vehicles, coming in just behind Escalades as the nation’s top choice for car thieves. The fact that there are so many F-250s out on the road means that your individual chances of having your truck stolen are less; however, these vehicles are swiped often enough to make theft a real worry for truck owners. Be sure to consider good anti-theft devices if you purchase this truck.
  3. Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Just behind Ford’s big truck is Chevy’s offering, the Silverado, in numbers stolen in 2011. Like the Ford, Chevy is a popular truck, which may account for the high theft numbers.
  4. Ford F-450 Four-Wheel Drive. This huge truck is stolen slightly less often than its brothers, but the high resale value makes it a likely target for would-be car thieves.
  5. GMC Sierra 1500. Another truck of the seven on the list, the Sierra comes in at number 5 for frequency of theft.
  6. Chrysler 300. This luxury sedan is a favorite for car thieves because of the multitude of accessories usually found on most models. Further, larger sedan owners tend to be older and might be better targets for car thieves.
  7. Ford F-350 Four-Wheel Drive. Another of Ford’s four-wheel drive contenders, this truck is at number seven on the list. Overall, Ford four-wheel drive trucks occupy three of the ten spots on the “most stolen” list, making them prime candidates for car theft.
  8. Chevrolet Avalanche. This combination truck and SUV is a huge draw for car thieves due to its great look and roomy interior – the best of both worlds, combining a truck bed with an SUV cab.
  9. GMC Yukon. This lovely SUV is a favorite of car thieves because it is usually “tricked out” with tons of accessories. When thieves evaluate a car to be stolen, they often look at more than just the car; they also want a great stereo system and other features which can be removed and sold separately, if necessary.
  10. Chrysler 300 HEMI. This is the luxury sedan squared, with a hemi V8 engine. Is it any wonder thieves cannot wait to get their hands on this model?

Be sure to consider insurance costs for these and other vehicles when you decide on your next purchase. High theft rates tend to drive your insurance costs up, so choose wisely when you shop for your next car.