Best Auto Insurance Companies

How much do you know about your car insurance company? How does it compare to other companies? These questions can be answered by some careful research. You may be able to find a company which fits your needs better than your current insurer if you know what to look for.

Car insurance companies offer insurance coverage for you, your family, and your vehicle in the event you are involved in an accident, or if your car is damaged in some other way. All states except New Hampshire require a minimum amount of car insurance coverage for every driver, so car insurance companies do a booming business in covering the cars on our nation’s highways.

However, not all car insurance companies are created equally. Some have better coverage, better prices, or better service than others. Because your car insurance needs are so unique, it is difficult to determine which company is “best” for you without answering a few questions. Our website allows you to search for quotes from a variety of companies, all of whom are anxious to do business with you and will try to find you the lowest prices possible for your coverage.

The price you pay, and the company you choose, will depend on several factors. Here are a few:

  1. Your age, location, and occupation. Some companies are considered “tried and true” and are patronized by those who are middle-aged and settled in their jobs and homes. State Farm and Allstate, the two most popular insurers in the nation, are examples of “old line” insurance companies who cater to the “good” drivers of the middle class. These companies often charge higher premiums, but they offer personal service which many settled drivers have come to expect. You will get the best rates with these companies if you have few to no tickets or accidents and live in a suburban or rural area.
  2. Your previous driving history. For those who have had an accident or two, or a speeding ticket or three, finding cheap insurance coverage may not be easy. Younger drivers and those who have a few dings on their record find that Progressive, GEICO, and Nationwide are good companies to try. These companies offer programs like “accident forgiveness” and “vanishing deductible” which make sense to younger drivers without a great deal of spare cash, and those who might have had a fender-bender in the past.
  3. Your legal record. If you have had a DUI, there are some companies which simply will not do business with you. In this case, there are “secondary” market companies who craft insurance policies designed to cover drivers who cannot obtain insurance from mainstream insurers. An example of this type of company is The General, an auto insurer which will often give SR-22 insurance or other forms of high-risk coverage at a somewhat reasonable price. However, these companies also have very strict policies about payment and future infractions; if you miss a payment or have another violation, you can easily lose your coverage, and the money you have already paid.

This is only a small sampling of the companies available to help you with your insurance needs. There are hundreds of insurance companies ready to work with you, and you can get quotes from many of them through this website. Many smaller companies can offer surprisingly competitive rates, depending on where you live and the type of vehicle you drive. Get an online rate quote comparison today and find out how much you can really save on your car insurance!